Hoop Fitness Class

Hoop Dance- The Hottest New Fitness Trend!

Ms. B Hooping Allure teaches “Hoop Dance Fitness” classes.

Have fun and get fit! This class focuses on the basics of hoop dance. Ms. B teaches stretching with the hoop and hooping movements and techniques, with an emphasis on meditation, exercise, play, and dance. Hula-Hoops are provided for use but bringing your own hoop is encouraged. Custom, made-to- order hoops can be ordered from Ms. B’s distributor.

Private Classes are available also.

Call 360 820 5100 for more information

Hoop Dance Fitness Class helps you focus, release stress, burn calories, and tone core muscles in a fun atmosphere where failure is not possible!


-Tones Core Muscles

-Burns 600 Calories an Hour

-Mood Enhancing

-Improves Posture and balance

…..and many more!

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